Amirko (amirko) wrote in foundfilm,

In the memory of Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20

I do not have the camera, just the film -- the yellow roll of Kodacolor-X 620. Received it from the camera store in Southern Canada; the seller told me in e-mail that the roll had been found exposed in this camera:

5 min in cold concentrated HC-110 and...yes, there is something, some four 6x9cm frames:

Now the facts:

  • The car (66'Impala or Caprice) is registered in Wisconsin.
  • There are leaves on the threes, so it's not a winter
  • All exposures are made from very low point of view
  • TV screens are of first Moon landing 07/20/1969 NASA footage

Well, who is shooting cars, dead birds and Moon landings in Wisconsin in 1969 with the old boxie Kodak? Who had never got his prints from the older relatives? How old he was, 10? May be less. The point is very low and this camera has to be taken to the eye level to align the frame; and all of the frames are aligned very well.

I think the two in the frame #2 know that the film will never be developed. I can read if off their faces. But click, click...and latent images had left to dream for the years to come.

Tags: 60s, found film, hc-110, kodacolor x
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