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Moscow and Muskovites

...received all of this plus more from Moscow, ID. Seller said this was a Goodwill find.
There were 2 cameras as you see, Agfa Pioneer and Ansco ReadyFlash, plus:
- portrait attachment for Ansco (it is on the camera)
- 1 flash
- 1 case
- 2 rolls of film, one unused, one exposed
- manual for the Agfa ("The Agfa Pioneer camera is modern, compact camera especially designed blah-blah...").
All for $9.99 and just because of the exposed Verichrome Pan.
Here is the story from the film:

Only the first picture is somewhat sharp, the rest is blurred. I think they used the portrait attachment on the rest. These attachments were not designed for the group portraits, should be used at closer distances for the headshots. Anyway, I think they are even better this way. Love them all. I think this is Moscow, Idaho in mid to late 60s. "Looks palouse-sh" as the seller said, looking at the pictures (in case you don't know -- I did not -- "Palouse" means >this< place). The girl on the frame one is getting ready for the first communion. I wonder where are they all now. Streets are emptier these days, no kids playing. Everybody's inside, myself included. Oh well...
Tags: 60s, 620, found film, verichrome pan
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