May 12th, 2010

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  • amirko

Old film development: my process

I develop old still film exposed long time ago. I do it almost every week. This is my hobby. How old is the film? The age of the (succesfully developed) rolls ranges from relatively new (say, 20 years) and back up to 70 years. This page briefly summarizes my experience -- i.e. how one can develop film rolls exposed decades ago and stored under unknown conditions in some garage, basement or attic. Of course, since the area is so complex and every roll is so special none of the recommendations below can be considered and used as direct "how-to". Nevertheless, one can use them as a starting point in his/her quest to the unknown image.

Well, let's say we have a roll of exposed film, known or unknown type, rollfilm or 35mm cassette, and it is old.
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