December 15th, 2010

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  • amirko

Belser's archive: 40s

I started developing the unusually large (about 40 rolls) archive of found film. The archive starts in late 40s, about 10 rolls are from 50s, and the rest is from 60s and few are from early 70s. The last 35mm Ektachrome 400 roll looks relatively modern. Many of the rolls are in original boxes/wrapping paper; nevertheless, all but 2 are exposed.

There is a >letter<; I received it with the archive. The letter is addressed to Mike Belser. It is a touching birthday writing from his dad Jack. Jack is sending new boots to his son and he is worried about the size, asking Mike to send it back for the exchange if the size is wrong. He is also mentioning the names: Patty and Brian. These two could be Mike's wife and son. The letter has a date: 12-17-57. It was in an envelope, addressed from J.Belser, Oklahoma City (General Delivery, Main P.O.) to Newkirk, OK, also General Delivery. The letter clearly was sent, received and opened by Mike. Also one of the rolls I developed today has a hand-written note with a date and Mike's name. So I assume at least part of the archive at one point was Mike Belser's.

This >post< was about 127 nitrate-based Agfa Plenachrome roll. There are 2 more just like that one; I put them aside. At the moment I don't know how to develop them. The rest from 40s and 50s is 127 and 620 Kodak Verichrome and Verichrome Pan. So far I developed 5; they all fully exposed and all the frames are ok to scan or even print.

Let us start with late 40s or early 50s.

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