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Welcome to Found Film community!

Hello All

This community has been created to share the images found on old exposed but undeveloped films.

Such a film can be found in variety of sources:
- sleeping long forgotten in old cameras;
- collecting dust on the camera repair shop shelves;
- bought on eBay;
- in antique shops, as part of collections and photo memorabilia;
- etc., etc...

For me, there is a difference between images found on old undeveloped film and say ... family album. It looks alike, but it is not the same and the difference is huge.

In case of undeveloped film we always have sequence -- which is important. Sometimes film accompanied by the camera used for shooting -- also important. We have much more to guess, to investigate and to explore. Sometimes you are able to create complete story with or without dates and places, sometimes it is just loosely connected chain of weak assumptions, but it is always thrilling and exiting.

It is not a very popular hobby; there is no such thing as huge volume of undeveloped films in massive amount of old cameras; it is relatively rare. But if you get the old exposed roll, I encourage you to try: with knowledge, persistence and basic darkroom skills it is possible to develop and scan/print images from old films at home.

This community is also a place to share technical info, darkroom procedures etc. used to develop, scan and print images from the old film.

The community created as moderated due to sensitive nature of the subject.

Please read >>POLICY<< before you post, and do not forget to check for the film first before opening the back of that old Brownie you've recently found:)

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