Amirko (amirko) wrote in foundfilm,

Found Film: Community FAQ

Q1. What is "found film"?
A: It is long outdated film, exposed but never developed. In most cases "found film" means unclear origin/photographer/age etc. of the film.

Q2. It it possible to develop found film at home?
A: Yes. This FAQ is a good starting point. Please also read our >Disclaimer<

Q3. Any recommendations on development?
A: Google is you best bet. You may want to check >this document< first.

Q4. Are there any other sites/communities on found film?
A: Yes, a couple. See --
>Lost film<
>Found film group on Flickr<
>Found Film forum on nelsonfoto forums<

Tags: 110, 116, 120, 126, 127, 130, 135, 20s, 30s, 40s, 4x5, 50s, 5x7, 616, 620, bw, color, darkroom, faq
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