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Found Film

"The Child of Light and Darkness..."

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Community policy

This community is dedicated to old undeveloped film.

If you managed to develop such a film, at home or professionally, yourself or with help, this is a place to share images and stories as well as technical information.


Formats/Media: rolls/sheets of undeveloped film found in old cameras, junk boxes, bought on eBay, etc. Any format is ok:
- sheet film 8x10, 5x7, 4x5,
- roll film 130, 116, 120, 126, 127, 616, 620, 135 (AKA 35mm), 110 etc.
Still/motion: film exposed in still camera is included; motion film and stories are ok, too (please present motion films as few still images and/or link to mpg/avi/mov on place like http://youtube.com).
Age: the age of the film is somewhat important but there is no general rule on this; it could be as old as several years; the older the better. Very old film considered extremely interesting, please share your images and technical knowledge.
Technical/informational: The publication can be either technical (how you develop/scanned the film etc.), informational (images and stories), or both.

Not included:

Film previously developed and found as such
Prints (even polaroids!).
Digital images not included as well.


Your story can be any language; short annotation and captions have to be translated to English. Discussions under posts expected to be in English.


This is pre-moderated community. Any post to appear online has to be approved by the moderator(s).


Please read Welcome message, FAQ and Disclaimer before you post!


To be searchable, every post has to have LJ tags. Please use format tag (116, 120, 135 or whatever your film format is), film tag (verichrome pan etc), developer tag (HC-110, D-19, D76 etc) and age tag (90s,80s,70s etc). If your are not sure about age of the film, put several possible tags to cover the whole period. For instance, for 1930-1950 put "30s,40s". The full list of official community tags can be found here.

Use of LJ-CUT:

For the post with many pictures to be readable in "Friend's Page", it is advised to use LiveJournal's LJ-CUT HTML tag as its explained here.

found film, foundfilm, old film processing


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